Pages Feature | Living With Mochi by Gemma Gene ARC

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

― Andy Rooney
Gemma Gene’s adorable comics celebrate fur-parenthood and the extreme love you experience when you look into your dog’s eyes. If you are never alone when you go to the bathroom, are forced to share your food, and find your life ruled by a sassy fur ball, Living With Mochi is the perfect book for you.
When architect-turned-cartoonist Gemma Gené first met her pet pug, Mochi, she felt as if time stopped. This dramatic moment and her adoring relationship with the rambunctious pug led her to begin chronicling her adventures with Mochi in a series of incredibly cute webcomics that have gained a social media following of half a million loyal readers.
The comics chronicle Mochi’s life from puppyhood to adulthood, featuring Mochi’s unrequited dog friendships, his jealousy of his two dog-brothers, and his love of food. Readers and dog parents will love this humorous tale of a sincerely loyal friendship between one grumpy pug and his adoring owner.

I picked this up because I needed some good vibes and it certainly delivered all the fluff to soothe my tired soul. Big thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the advanced reader copy. This comic book is perfect not only for dog lovers but also for anyone who has a big heart for animals. I was raised by a family that are mostly cat people. I have also considered myself a cat person ever since I was little. But if I ever find myself thinking of getting a dog, I would always imagine getting a pug. I think they are the cutest.

Mochi is half-cat!

I love Mochi’s carefree manner, and his philosophy on life, love and food.

I love how clingy and sweet he is and how his unconditional love heals his humans.

Dogs are so precious. They all have their own fun and unpredictable personalities that are just so lovable.

I’m just happy I was able to live vicariously with my dream dog through this comic book!



About the Author

Gemma Gené is a visual artist from Barcelona, Spain, based in New York. She was trained as an architect and moved to the United States to earn a Master in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University. In 2014 immediately upon graduation she joined Steven Holl Architects until she focused on developing her artistic studio work.

She is an award winning painter and published author. Her work focuses on wrapped objects and foil balloons. The series “unapologetic paintings” is a collection of paintings, sculptures and street art of wrapped objects. In this series the object is hidden and the only thing showing is it’s skin or it’s wrapping and it can only be revealed by the user’s imagination. The paper used for wrapping is a reflective material that hides the object and reflects its surroundings, including the viewer.

Her work has been shown in New York at Sotheby’s, Voltz Clarke Gallery, the Accessible Art Fair at the National Art’s Club, and Figment New York amongst others and in Barcelona at Swab and the Palo Alto Foundation. She is represented by Voltz Clarke Gallery.

Her work has been published in medias like the NY Post, Artnet, Archdaily, The Jealous Curator, Blouin Art, Create! Magazine, Fresh Paint Magazine amongst others.

She is best known for her online comic 157ofgemma where she narrates in an ironic fashion her life with her inseparable pug Mochi that has a very strong following on social media.


Book Details

Living With Mochi by Gemma Gene
Paperback, 224 pages
Published April 6th 2021 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN1524866105 (ISBN13: 9781524866105)
Genre: Comics | Graphic Novel | Humor | Contemporary | Animals


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8 thoughts on “Pages Feature | Living With Mochi by Gemma Gene ARC

  1. Love the cartoon and comics and pictures. LOL. “Anything can be food with the right attitude.” Well said. Yes, anything. The pub probably doesn’t have a good eyesight and his gregarious personality gives him the illusion that anything is acceptable. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

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