My Komiket Haul

Komiket is one of the premiere comics and art markets here in the Philippines, and I’ve been attending it as an exhibitor along with the Haliya Publishing team for a few years now. Believe me when I say it is one of the best sources for Filipino art enthusiasts. Here you can get a wide range of products from local creators: from stickers, art prints, original art, art commissions, zines, comics, books and many more 👍🏻

Komiket 2019 Komiket 2019

Just sharing some crowd photos above! It is insane. Filipinos are really a hungry crowd when it comes to art and comics.

Without further ado, let me share with you my Komiket haul! I have been obsessed with my journal lately, so my haul consists mostly of stickers. I call it my #stickertherapy ✨

Komiket Haul

Hulyen UGH stickers
UGH stickers by Hulyen

I know I already have a lot of Hulyen stickers and prints, but it’s just one of those things you can never get enough of. You can check more of her art here.

Oyyro stickers
Oyyro stickers and art print
faofaou stickers and art prints
faofaou stickers and art prints
The Offbeat Cat
The Offbeat Cat stickers and art prints

Who could resist Totoro and cat stickers?? My cat lady self is super happy! You can check the artists’ other works on their Instagram: @faofaou @oyyro @theoffbeatcat

The Bladed Hand shirt illustrated by the legendary Alex Niño

The Bladed Hand shirt illustrated by the legendary Alex Niño. The Bladed Hand is a documentary directed and produced by Jay Ignacio about the global impact and current state of Filipino Martial Arts. You may get a copy of the DVD here.

Jay is on Instagram as @dapulisman.

Ekkswai bookmarks

I didn’t get as much bookmarks as I would have wanted but at least I got these cute ones 😍 You may check out this artist over at her Instagram page @ekkswai.arts

The Hanged Man portrait
Mervin Malonzo portrait by The Hanged Man
Art by the hanged man
Impetuous abstract art by The Hanged Man

Awesome original art from The Hanged Man!!

The first photo is a portrait of my husband and the second are some of his abstracts. Superb! Check out his other works by visiting his Facebook page.

Zyterical Sea by Albert Isip
Zyterical Sea by Albert Isip
Kalasag Teens by Julius Villanueva
Kalasag Teens by Julius Villanueva
Opismeyts Comics by Ramark Masangcay
Opismeyts Comics by Ramark Masangcay
Nightfall by Eliza Victoria
Nightfall by Eliza Victoria

Of course we also got books and zines! Hoping to read them all soon. Below are the artists’ social media pages if you want to connect with them:

Zyterical Sea by Albert Isip IG @_heisenbert

Kalasag Teens by Julius Villanueva IG @zekemachine

Opismeyts Comics by Ramark Masangcay IG @opismeyts

Nightfall by Eliza Victoria IG @elizawriteshere

Art by piper

These fun stickers are original characters created by an 11-year old artist!!

Art by piper with mervin malonzo

He is perhaps the youngest artist I’ve ever met! So adorable. Here’s a twinning photo of him with my husband –complete with beanie, jacket and round glasses 😆

Check out this boy wonder on Instagram at @artbypiper

The curious creative pins

I deliberately got two of the same pins for my BFF! I could have hoarded more if only I had the 💸

Check out The Curious Creative on Instagram at @thecuriouscreative_

Christine Luang art findingsinta
Art by Christine Luang

I am so glad I discovered this female artist. Her works speak of femininity, beauty and body positivity 🌸 Check out more of her art on her Instagram page at @findingsinta

Ara villena art
Art by Ara Villena

Our new favorite female artist: Ara Villena 🌹 Too bad these aren’t mine. My friend had them reserved, and they are currently sold out 😭 I’ll just wait for the next event!

Connect with her at her IG @aravillena

Art prints and stickers by Ivy Berces Prinsomnia
Art prints and stickers by Ivy Berces
Art prints and stickers by Chichilittle
Art prints and stickers by Chichilittle

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or if you know me personally, you would probably know I absolutely love anything floral! I am so in love with these art prints and stickers 🌸

You’ll be amazed by these two female artists’ portfolio. Visit them over on Instagram at @prinsomnia_ and @chichilittle

Komiket haul

One thing I love about the Komiket community is the artist’s generosity with their art. Some of these are even given to us for free! It’s just a really lovely experience. Unfortunately, I’m unable to take note of some of the artists’ names hence the photo above is uncredited. If you recognize them, please let me know who to tag! ☺️

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my haul as much as I did. If you are from the Philippines and looking to attend the next Komiket, you may follow their FB page here to get timely updates. Hope to see you at the next event! 🌸

Mervin and Princess Malonzo
With the artist Mervin Malonzo a.k.a. my husband

19 thoughts on “My Komiket Haul

  1. This is such a fun blog post to read! Thank you for inviting me and making me experience my first time Komiket. I was overwhelmed. I am broke. But? I AM HAPPY. Thank you, Ate Pryn!


  2. WHAT. A. HAUL! I was hoping to attend Komiket too, but being unemployed really took its toll. It would have been fun to just be there, but then again I won’t be able to handle going home without any loots.


    1. There’s always a next time! Agree it’s always better to have a budget (no matter how small) when going there. There are just so many good stuff 🤣


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