My Year In Books 2021 + What’s Next 2022

Farewell and Thank You 2021

The best thing about having my own blog is that I can simply ignore the fact that this post is about a month late than should be acceptable. 2021 was an awesome and productive year for me, pandemic notwithstanding, and so it would be a shame not to say goodbye to it properly. I know I haven’t been so active here in the blog last year but I was able to write while offline, and that’s what matters. My first short story and poem were both published last year, and I also finished a short fiction piece for an anthology that Haliya Publishing planned to publish last year but didn’t quite push through. Hopefully it will be finished this year.

What’s Next

After almost a decade and without thinking too much about it, I just decided to not set a Goodreads Reading Challenge this year. It was fun and effective in terms of motivating me to read, and now that I have more or less developed a lifestyle of reading I just feel that it’s finally time to drop it. ⁣I may or may not be able to read a hundred books again this year, but if I can write just one more fiction or poem I’d be more than happy. I also want to focus and work harder on my book review back logs and blog drafts.

Since I always enjoy a “challenge”, this year I will be participating in Fully Booked’s #ReadMore campaign, with its variety of exciting prompts that you can choose from for the whole year.

They always post book recommendations for prompts so make sure to visit their website here. Please note that as a Fully Booked Reading Ally, I may receive minimal commission when you purchase books through my links posted in this blog. 💖

My Year In Books (2021)

Here’s how reading more than a hundred books looks like! Screenshots are all taken from my Goodreads page. If you’re also in Goodreads, let’s be friends!


For anyone curious which books were my favorite reads from 2021, I made this reel in Instagram. If you are also a part of the Bookstagram community, let’s follow each other! 💖


Wishing you all a prosperous new year!

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