Book Review: The Vegetarian

“The feeling that she had never really lived in this world caught her by surprise. It was a fact. She had never lived.”

In a country where societal mores are strictly obeyed, Yeong-hye’s decision to embrace a more “plant-like” existence is a shocking act of subversion. And as her passive rebellion manifests in ever more extreme and frightening forms, scandal, abuse, and estrangement begin to send Yeong-hye spiraling deep into the spaces of her fantasy. (Goodreads)

The Vegetarian by Han Kang is another bookstagram find. By the title alone you can guess correctly that it’s about a woman who became a vegetarian and how it affected not only herself but the people around her.

Han Kang’s writing to me can only be described as mesmerizing in how it effectively exposed the superficiality of the flesh. The book also made me question what exactly is insanity and what makes a person insane? Is it when you feel and think different than most of society? Where do we draw the line?

This book reminded me of Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman but for me this is more bizaare and with more grotesque visuals. Also, if you like the works of Haruki Murakami, then you should give this a try. 🌸

Overall rating: 5/5

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