Book Giveaway PH | “Vacant Steppes” by Steven Sy

“Feet on the ground, eyes to the sky. Gaeon ride with us all.”

As a second invasion by the Empire threatens the nomads of the Great Steppe, a new generation of leaders must mend the broken alliances of their fathers or face certain destruction. Vacant Steppes is a Mongolia-inspired epic fantasy novel about inheritance, family, and leadership in times of division and war.

The book features three main characters: Sara, Batu, and Eroll, and as a reader, we’re able to experience this conflict from three unique perspectives throughout the novel.

Vacant Steppes by Steven Sy is out in the world today! I am so excited for everyone to read this debut novel as I have been fascinated by it from page one. I will post my full review here once I’ve read it, but in the meantime I am happy to share that I am hosting a book and loot giveaway in partnership with the author Steven Sy and publisher Balestier Press. To make it easier for everyone involved, I am limiting entries on my Instagram @pryngols. This giveaway is exclusive for PH based readers and will close on the 21st.

Good luck everyone! 💙


About the Author

(he/him) author, playwright, aspiring educator. author of novel Vacant Steppes, for release in September 2021.


Book Details

Vacant Steppes by Steven Sy
Published September 7th 2021 by Balestier Press
ISBN 1913891070 (ISBN13: 9781913891077)
Genre: Fantasy


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