We Got Books You Didn’t Know Existed–The Indie Publishers Collab PH

In this time of uncertainty it is even more important to support small businesses and strengthen communities. I am happy to share that Haliya Publishing is now a part of the #TheIndiePubCollabPH — an initiative to bring together local independent publishers and creators with the aim of expanding engagement, reach, and sharing of resources. ⁣

Dear fellow Filipino bookworms, let’s support our local small presses! 🇵🇭

⁣⁣⁣7 Eyes Productions, OPC (IG @7eyesproductions)

⁣⁣8 Letters Books (IG @8lettersbooks)⁣⁣

Aklat Alamid (IG @AklatAlamid)⁣⁣

Alubat Publishing (IG @alubatpublishing)⁣⁣

Avenida Books (IG @myavenidaph)⁣⁣

Balangay Productions (IG @balangaybooks)⁣⁣

Cubao Editions (IG: @cubaoeditions)⁣⁣

Everything’s Fine (IG @everythingsfineph)⁣

Gacha Press (IG: @gachapress) ⁣⁣

Good Intentions Publishing (IG @goodintentionsbooks)⁣⁣

Haliya Publishing— and yours truly! All our books are available at mervstore.com (IG @haliyapublishing)⁣⁣

Hinabing Salita Publishing House

Imnas & Iway Publications ⁣⁣

Kasingkasing Press (IG @kasingkasingpress)⁣⁣

Librong LIRA ⁣⁣

Rebo Press (IG @ReboPressPH)⁣⁣

San Anselmo Publications, Inc. (IG @sananselmopress)

⁣⁣Saniata Publications ⁣⁣

Southern Voices Printing Press (IG @southernvoicesprintingpress) ⁣⁣

The above are mostly links to the publisher’s social media pages. Books should be available through online orders and shipping. We are still working on building a facility that can provide a single source of all the titles available across the board. For Haliya, we do have mervstore.com— we have our own comic books, merchandise, partner publishers and indie comics on there.

There’s a lot of potential for learning and collaboration right here and I will of course keep you all posted on our next activities. For now we are aiming to generate more awareness for each brand, so simply sharing this list is already a big help!

I hope I have given you leads to your next great read. Who are some of your favorite indie authors/publishers (local or international)? Do mention them on the comments below, I would love to discover and support more small presses. 💙

*All posters and promotional content are used with permission from The Indie Publishers Collab.

#ReadIndiePH #booksPH #bookloversPH ⁣

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