Filipino Indie Animation On Fire: Watch Ella Arcangel “Oyayi sa Dilim” Now


Ella Arcangel is a popular Filipino graphic novel series by Julius Villanueva, independently published by Haliya Publishing, of which I am proud to be a part of. It’s a series of stories that is set in a strange community called Barangay Masikap where both humans and monsters struggle for survival in a small portion of the big city. ⁣

The graphic novel’s biggest impact to its readers is the fact that not only is it entertaining but it has social and political relevance as well. The series tells us of the adventures of the titular Ella, a teenage girl from the slums with supernatural abilities that she uses to protect her community. It is rich in wonderful and fearsome elements that lurks from all corners of the neighborhood: from an alternate dimension, to talking cats, to the ultimate horror that is our local institution.




My husband and one of Haliya’s co-founders Mervin Malonzo has been working hard on adapting the books to an animated series for the past three years or so. He’s a one-man team—doing all the animation, editing, and even most of the voices himself. Independently producing the series has been a mutual decision among our small team. Though we continue to discuss funding with numerous parties, since we are doing the project out of sheer love for the material it didn’t really matter if we have a major production house backing us or not for us to proceed.

I helped by doing the voice acting for the protagonist Ella. My brother-in-law created the music theme. Even my 4-year old son gave his voice for a very short line. We are also grateful for all the valuable support received from friends, family, co-producers and our dear readers. If there is anything we learned from the experience, it is that it is very much the same with publishing and animation — independent production is the way to go if you have great stories that you believe in and that you just absolutely have to share to the world. It takes a village to raise a (brain)child, and Ella Arcangel is forming its own community and thriving through the combined efforts of the people. Together, we are making great art!


Stills from Episode 1
Ella Arcangel: Oyayi sa Dilim
Ella Arcangel: Lullaby In The Dark
Jepoy’s dog Whitey has been missing for five days. When they finally found her, she is weak and almost dying. Upon inspection, they saw something peculiar latched in her belly, a small black creature. What would happen if this parasite-like creature transfers to a person? There’s only one person who can help. Her name is Ella Arcangel, the girl mambabarang (witch) of Barangay Masikap.
Based on the comic by Julius Villanueva and animated by Mervin Malonzo, Ella Arcangel is a series of stories that is set in a strange community called Barangay Masikap where both humans and monsters struggle for survival in a small portion of the big city.
Language: Filipino
Subtitles: English / Filipino


Episode 1 was initially released as pay-per-view but as a gesture of solidarity and in an effort to alleviate the stress of the current pandemic, we at Haliya has decided to make the full episode of Ella Arcangel: Oyayi sa Dilim available for you all to enjoy completely free. English subtitles are added for international friends, of course. Proudly Pinoy and independently produced, I highly recommend this to all fans of animation, horror and good stories with a social conscience.

I hope you can send us some love by liking, subscribing, sharing or simply adding your views is a big help to our indie animation/publishing ventures. ❤




On behalf of Haliya Publishing, please enjoy Ella Arcangel: Oyayi sa Dilim (Lullaby in the Dark). Watch Episode 1 now:


For ways to support or fund the next episode, please visit Ella Arcangel Animation. A portion of all monetary donations will be given to an organization that helps peasants and farmers get through this pandemic.

Get the books at





16 thoughts on “Filipino Indie Animation On Fire: Watch Ella Arcangel “Oyayi sa Dilim” Now

  1. I watched and loved the animation. Sadly, I have not had the chance to read the comic, but I was really impressed with the story and am more than willing to get my hands on them soon.


  2. I can’t even express how marvelous this is. Accolades to Mervin for his work. It’s anazing. I’ll incorporate the video and your blog post into my Tell Me Tuesday post tomorrow. I love how this all was supported by a large extended indie “family” pulling together. Just wonderful. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✨


  3. First of all, I AM AWESTRUCK and I didn’t realize that you’re husband is Mervin Malonzo!!!! I was planning to read Tabi Po this week as well as Ella Arcangel so this is such a pleasant surprise for me huhuhu congratulations on the success of the animation plus you have such a youthful voice! I’ll def be boosting this :>


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