The Joy of Pessimism in oh no by Alex Norris

oh no.

oh no by Alex Norris

A humorous and poignant comic collection about disappointments big and small based on the popular webcomic, Webcomic Name.

Alex Norris’ viral webcomic Webcomic Name, has captured the internet’s heart. The disappointed blob and its resigned “oh no” has become a recognizable slogan, tapping into the current internet zeitgeist of self-conscious pessimism to hilarious and heartbreaking effect. 

Now in this alternately funny and gloomy collection, oh no brings together all the series’ greatest hits as well as dozens of never-before-seen comics. With exciting material for established fans and newcomers alike, oh no will have something for everyone. Because, after all, we are all the disappointed blob; the disappointed blob is us.

We’re almost at the end of the year and I’m sure a lot of you are now looking for light, quick reads–be it to help you relax during the holiday rush or to boost your Goodreads Reading Challenge numbers. So I figured I might as well feature one of my favorite comics strips collections that came out in 2019: oh no by Alex Norris.

I’ve seen the funny strips around social media, so I am familiar with it and I remember liking most of the comics I have read before. I was so thrilled to find out while browsing NetGalley that it’s also coming out as a book.

The style on the surface is plain and charming, but the simple artwork reveals maturity underneath. Skilled techniques are hidden by the simplistic approach. The use of the paneling, coloring and speech balloons is superb and adds to the meaning and experience. No space is wasted or unplanned here.

This collection is all about adulting. It tackled themes of parenting, career, gender roles, socialization (or lack of social skills), self image, mortality, morality and many more. We are treated to satirical, self deprecating and meta humor. It is extremely relatable—from birth to growing up and falling in love, and eventually dying—we can all agree that life is sometimes just a big “oh no.” We might as well get a laugh out of it.

Let me share a few of my favorites here, and I hope you like them too. 💕

oh no by Alex Norrisoh no by Alex Norrisoh no by Alex Norrisoh no by Alex Norrisoh no by Alex Norris

Big thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing a copy of this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review. If I don’t get to post anything else for 2019, I think it’s only apt to end with oh no. Quite accurately sums up the year for me, to be honest. 😅

Overall Rating: 4/5

About the Author

Alex Norris

Alex Norris is an award-winning UK-based comic-making blob who struggles to write a punchline that isn’t “oh no”. Creator of “Dorris McComics” and “Webcomic Name” and this amazing bio.

Book Details

oh no by Alex Norris
Paperback, 128 pages
Published April 2nd 2019 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN 1449492533 (ISBN13: 9781449492533)
Genres: Sequential Art | Comics | Graphic Novels | Humor

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Visit the creator’s online shop here for more cool stuff.

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