Book Review: Running with the Wolves by J.E. Reed

“Fire. Death. Freedom.”

Ten realms will test everything.

For two years she led an alliance, forming bonds with people from around the world—but someone was watching. Chronopoint was only meant to be a game, until she found herself trapped in that world.

Fighting to survive, Kiuno discovers she’s not the only player who has been thrown into this strange land. Hideous, twisted monsters only seen in nightmares plague their every move. Untold powers lie at the hands of the chosen and flames dance at her fingertips.

Can Kiuno find the players from her alliance or will she be too late and discover death has taken far more than she ever imagined? (Goodreads)


I am grateful to the author, J.E. Reed for providing me a copy of this epic adventure in exchange for an honest review. J.E. Reed really takes RPG to a whole new level in this fantastic debut novel about random people sucked into their favorite gaming universe Chronopoint to play it in real life.

This reminded me of a lot of things that I love. It is a total Black Mirror nightmare where technology works against humanity when left in the hands of evil people. It also reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender because of all the elemental magic going on ✨ Lastly, it had a strong The Lord of the Rings vibes with its long journeys on foot on treacherous terrains where the characters are at the mercy of the forces of nature and wildlife.

“The act of killing takes a part of your soul.”

We are taken to an extreme situation where you are forced to decide if living means accepting your fate and just surviving or if it’s about fighting the battle in order to return to the life and home that you know.

“Don’t burden yourself, the world is a heavy thing to carry.”

In terms of world building, I did feel like I was left wanting for more, especially at the start. But I can forgive it because the characters were sort of kidnapped and has no idea about where they are as well. Exploring this strange world is definitely an adventure we took together. I would still have preferred a more conspicuous difference between the portals, though.

Nevertheless, there is definitely no lack of fearsome monsters and beasts and the creature design is spectacular 👌🏻 This is super action packed and I should warn you there will be a lot of dead bodies along the way. I was awfully shocked halfway through the book. I can’t tell you in fear of spoilers, but something happened that really broke my heart 💔

“She was the strongest of them, though she didn’t know it yet.”

It is also a journey of self-discovery and how the main character Kiuno masters her magical powers and improves her fighting skills. She has the coolest power by the way–she can control fire 🔥 Something that I would also choose as well if I will ever have the chance to control an element. It’s the coolest–or rather hottest thing ever! On a side note, I know I shouldn’t be shipping Kiuno with Kikyo because the lady is married, but damnnn sparks were flying between them that is not entirely related to Kiuno’s fiery powers 🔥

“They died protecting someone they loved, there’s no greater sacrifice.”

This novel for me is ultimately about sacrifice, and honoring those who left before us. It reminds us how to be brave in the face of adversity and to always draw strength and hope from the ones we love. 🌿

Overall rating: 3.5/5⭐️


J.E. Reed lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two cats. She’s always had an interest in writing, but didn’t explore that talent fully until 2015. Reed works as a Licensed Massage Therapist in the quiet town of Anderson. She graduated massage school in 2009 and has spent the last three years building her small business. She enjoys swimming, yoga and the occasional mud run with friends.


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