The Ultimate and Definitive Haliya Publishing Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Hi there! How is December treating you so far? If you are like me who is only either super busy or super lazy, then perhaps you still haven’t completed your Christmas list yet and at this time still has not gotten your Monito/Monita a gift. Well, I am here to help you become the great Secret Santa I know you can be.

This is The Ultimate and Definitive Haliya Publishing Holiday Gift Guide 2018! Let’s go!


Give your hardworking colleagues the gift of comic relief with Hulyen’s UGH Vol. 1! With its signature deadpan humor and relatable content, this contemporary book is a gift that just keeps on giving. Be prepared for sudden bursts of laughter and giggling at the office. From sweaty fun runs to ridiculous P.E. class routines, UGH will help you find humor even in the most mundane and depressing aspects of modern life.

Shop UGH Vol. 1 here


There is nothing as impactful than giving a book that is not only entertaining but has a social and political relevance as well. Ella Arcangel series tells of the adventures of the titular Ella, a teenage girl from the slums with supernatural abilities that she uses to protect her community. The episodic stories are all enjoyable and the quirky artwork will attract even the younger members of the family. Just make sure that they have adult supervision because as much as the characters may be deemed cartoony in style, the themes tackled by author Julius Villanueva are as heavy as it gets–asking us the ultimate question of what exactly is humanity and what defines monstrosity? Is it our form or is it our deeds? Expect to find fearsome elements that lurks from all corners of the neighborhood: from an alternate dimension, to talking cats, to the ultimate horror that is our local institution.

Shop Ella Arcangel Tomo Pangalawa here


What is love and romance but that intense feeling of obsession: blood boiling, rapid heartbeat, skin against hot skin, kissing, biting, ripping off chunks of each other’s flesh, chewing and swallowing raw… or at least that is how the notorious aswang trio of the award-winning Tabi po series would define it, I think.

Mixing horror and erotica, Mervin Malonzo’s Tabi po is currently available in 3 issues chronicling the main character Elias’ self-discovery as a newborn aswang. Set in Philippine Spanish colonial era, this historical fiction is sure to heat up your passions and blur the lines between monster and man.

Shop Tabi po here



The perfect gift that will fit all kinds of personalities from your squad: from the edgy fashionista to the practical one who always requests a usable/wearable gift!

Photo on upper right corner is from @jendollente_reads

Shop Tabi po shirts here


The sweetest gift is the one that will let your best buddy think of you first thing in the morning when they drink their first cup of coffee.

Shop Tabi po mug here | Shop UGH mug here


If you really really need to impress, you can never go wrong with this premium limited edition Tabi Po’s Elias Bust Sculpture. Every detail is painstakingly and skillfully painted by Tabi po creator Mervin Malonzo himself to perfectly achieve realism. This is a treasure that deserves a special place at any higher-up’s office or work desk.

Shop Elias Bust Sculpture here


For everyone else on your Christmas list–we have the most awesome stocking stuffers for you!


Hugot mixed with horror: this short comic by Mervin Malonzo and Noel Pascual is sure to entertain and shock anyone with its mesmerizing story and art.

Shop The Friendzone here


Created by the foremost Pinoy artists of our time, you’ll have a wide range of designs and sizes to choose from our collectible art prints. These are perfect as unique greeting cards, too.

Shop art prints here


Our set of fun stickers by Hulyen is for anyone who deserves a treat.

Shop UGH stickers here


Even non-readers will appreciate this set of bookmarks with stunning Tabi po illustrations.

Shop Tabi po bookmarks here


For the minimalist that would rather have a digital copy, or that person overseas that just can’t wait for international shipping, we also offer e-books.

Just look for the option in our online shop

FOR THAT ULTRA SPECIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE (and yes, this could be yourself because we are all for self-care here ❤️)


A first of its kind in the country, the H-Club Box is an art/book subscription box especially curated according to a feature Filipino literary work. No two boxes are the same.

What’s in the box? Aside from the Filipino Book of the Month, there will be a personal letter from the author, a signed bookplate, Haliya titles and merchandise, other treats from partner local stores and a priceless original artwork that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from artist Mervin Malonzo himself. It could be a watercolor painting or a sculpture or a piece of custom accessory–the possibilities are endless!

Unboxing photo of our 3rd box by @cycylittle of @chichilittle

Boxes sell out fast so the next box to be available for preorder might not arrive in time for Christmas, but great things are always worth the wait, right? Make sure to follow Haliya Publishing page for updates.

So there! I hope this post helps! Let’s make it a creative and literary Christmas, shall we?

Happy Holidays! 🎄🎄🎄

About Haliya Publishing

We are an independent comics publishing effort spearheaded by Mervin & Princess Malonzo and Aliyah Luna. We aim to publish books that are artist-centric, diverse in topic, intellectually arresting, and contractually fair. We’re wrestling dragons before bedtime; mapping out the future of the form today.

Visit our website and read Pinoy comics for free here.

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