Wanderbookbox Unboxing + GIVEAWAY

How long have you been waiting for your Hogwarts letter?

I first met Harry Potter when I was in high school, some 18 years ago. I have loved the books for more than half of my life and I last reread them 4 years ago. I’m so thankful to WANDERBOOKBOX for bringing me the magic again with their Hogwarts Box

You may know by now that I love book subscription boxes (see previous post)! What makes Wanderbookbox unique among others is that more than the Book of the Month, their theme is centered according to travel destinations. They really take traveling through books to a whole new level. ✈️ It’s not even limited to real life countries, they offer fictional destinations as well. That’s how I was able to finally go to Hogwarts through their October box 😍 Let me tell you how it went! If you want to skip to the end for the giveaway that’s totally fine, but trust me when I say this is something you don’t want to miss ⚡️

The box itself spells G-R-Y-F-F-I-N-D-O-R! 🦁 The welcome packet contains a passport, boarding pass, a Hogwarts letter and a bucketlist. There’s also a very pretty necktie in my house colors ♥️

Of course I had to have my uniform! The super cute paper doll art is by @weyniihyu.

If you are curious and want to know your Hogwarts House too, I was sorted to Gryffindor through Pottermore. Good luck on your sorting!

I was welcomed by this wonderful view of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and this truly inspiring quote 💖 Awesome art by @artsbyshai.

I was greeted by my Hogwarts family 😍 Super cute stickers by @axielle.suson.

The postcard at the back is a magical 3D one, but sadly the photo just can’t do it justice.

Here’s another cute postcard, 1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2) and a crystal phial. The Hogwarts course books are handmade by Wanderbookbox. I love them!

More wizardly goodies!!

Last but definitely not least is the BOTM: The Stowaway by R.A. Salvatore

And a book sleeve to protect it! You can get your own Hogwarts book sleeve at @bookshields.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed that unboxing as much as I did!


Now on to the little giveaway I promised ✨ You see, I had the pleasure of helping the Wanderbookbox team to curate their November box as their rep for the month. I had so much fun because the destination is to one of my favorite fictional worlds: Greek Mythology 🏛 I can almost imagine how great it will be based on my Hogwarts box experience 😍

So to officially celebrate this blog (we’re 3 months old, yey) I will take one of you with me to Ancient Greece! Just check out my IG post at @pryngols for the mechanics 🗺 Giveaway is open to PH residents only ✌🏻

Good luck!!! 🍀 Also, Wanderbookbox just opened their December box (destination: Russia) and if I were you I would hurry to grab one because their boxes do sell out fast. You get FREE shipping if you order through my link. You’re welcome! 💋

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