Unboxing: Mermaid Crate “Magic and Madness” July Anniversary Box

❝A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.❞ ~ Carl Sagan

Whenever I am asked how I discovered bookstagram, I would always say it all started when I met the lovely team behind Mermaid Crate (MC). I had the pleasure of sitting beside their table during a book fair we participated in last 2017. They introduced me to the concept of book subscription boxes, then I saw Jasmine’s bookstagram page @bibliobanshee, and the rest as they say is history.

Moving forward to July 2018, MC is now celebrating their first anniversary and of course I had to have one of their special edition anniv boxes! Their boxes are so popular here in the Philippines that it was sold out within 24hrs 😱 Fortunately they opened a waiting list so I was able to get in.

Anyhow!! Enough with the chatter and let’s unbox, shall we?

This is now my 4th box from them and I’m telling you, they have never failed to amaze me. Even the special edition box was a pleasant surprise. It is painted with this gorgeous deep red colour that I really love. It’s shaped like a tome and really spacious inside so you can put all sorts of books and trinkets.

In the above photo we have:

  • Anniversary issue of Mermaid Bubble
  • Guide to your “Magic and Madness” box
  • Anniversary card
  • Invitation to the August “Wicked” box
  • Birthday discount card (yey!) You get one if you order a box during your birth month.
  • Personal letter from the mermaids
  • A huge sticker inspired by Children of Blood and Bone
  • Super cute Harry Potter magnetic bookmarks designed by Jeff Benitez
  • This is definitely one of my favorites from the box! I don’t collect Funko Pops but I love Cersei Lannister. She is a true strong female character. The toy design is also not your usual Funko Pop. It’s called a Funko Dorbz and I’m thinking it’s just a bit cuter than the regular ones, don’t you agree?

    Another cute item is this nautical necklace. I am told there are two kinds: this anchor pendant ⚓️ and some got a dolphin. 🐬 So charming! 💖

    Here we have a lovely poster size digital artwork inspired by Furyborn from Shaira San Jose of @artsbyshai. It makes me miss our Sun Queen and Blood Queen! 🔥

    There’s not just one but two bookmarks! My bookmark-hoarding self is so happy. One is the BOTM theme and the other is for the anniversary theme “‘Magic and Madness”. These are made by the awesome artist Alarise of @_madebyalarise.

    The bookish mug and matching sticker are exclusively designed by Rikki Dela Cruz of @rikkibdelacruz. I haven’t read the Nevernight series yet but I have heard so many great reviews. This is supposed to be Mia Corvere. Seems like the perfect mug to use when I’m in the mood to drink the tears of my enemies!

    Also included are a couple of MC stickers. Too cute. 🤗

    I love that MC BOTMs always come with a personal letter from the author. I just feel so valued 😝

    The BOTM is *drumroll* Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton 🙌🏻 It’s a story of revenge, family, and finding one’s self–my favorite kind! I also mentioned this from my recent post about my August book haul. Do check it out to know more about the book and about other awesome titles I got last month! I must say I really love the book design of this one. I will show you more of what’s inside on a future post 👍🏻 Thanks MC for another awesome pick!

    I’m also one of the lucky few who got a limited edition MC tote bag! It has Alona, MC’s muse, printed on it. So pretty 😍 I was told only 10 got them 🤭

    There’s a signed bookplate that of course I’ve already attached inside. I love signed copies 💖

    Last but not least is this lovely Alona dry seal that I was told will be present in all BOTMs moving forward!! I hope you’ll be able to see it in the photo because it’s really subtle but it’s very pretty in person. I think this kind of personal touch is so amazing and it’s really what makes MC unique among all the rest.

    Make sure to grab a box of your own! Visit the mermaids today at @mermaidcrate 🧜🏼‍♀️

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